Software Engineer, Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Mountain View, CA

Mashgin is looking for a passionate CV engineer who loves solving everyday vision problems. Someone who is regularly saying to themselves “This could be done with computer vision!” and who loves experimenting with new algos. You’ll work on a small dynamic team to design and implement cutting edge Computer Vision algos that will be used everyday by our customers.


    • Develop new computer vision algorithms in C/C++ for solving challenging real world problems
    • Support team with large scale data collection techniques for training Deep Neural Nets
    • Drive development of new algorithm improvements for quantitative performance improvements over team’s existing methods
    • Research, develop, maintain and build state-of-the-art ML/CV algorithms that can analyze images


    • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field
    • Strong background in Computer Vision
    • Exposure to new Machine Learning techniques


    • MS/PhD degree or equivalent practical experience in Computer Science, AI, Machine Learning, or related technical field
    • Experience with at least one of these programming languages in a Linux environment: C/C++, Python
    • Knowledge of 3D computational geometry or photogrammetry
    • Real-world experience building Computer Vision systems

Mashgin is doing intelligent visual automation. We have developed technology to do real-time dense 3D reconstruction from multiple cameras and depth sensors. Fully scalable to achieve virtually any spatial resolution as well as … We use modern deep learning techniques to make sense out of any visual tasks, which for humans are relatively easy to do.